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The plan was to have it completed and recorded. The reality is that it needs a bit of editing and I couldn't figure out how to record it. But since I don't have time, I'll just post it now. Hope you like it! Thank-you to everyone who helped out by sending me lists of things you remembered and loved from LOST Weekends and D:LAs. *hugs* and I hope to see you all soon!

Can’t Wait For LOST Weekend

(Tune: We Didn’t Start the Fire)


Delayed Airplanes, Viper Room, Locke In LA, “Online Groom”

Kiele Sanchez, Jimmy Kimmell, Live LOST Radio


Hollywood, We’re at the Ren, Smoking Bench, Viva la Glenn
Fusebunnie Fun, Daniel Roebuck, LOST Cast’s Video


Fellow Fusies, Uber Geeks, Pre-Party, Plan For Weeks
Shopping, Things to Buy, Name Rhyming Street Rapper Guy

Hallie, Caren, Uncle Bob, Did a Real Fantastic Job,
Meeting Javi, Drunken Bobby, BobStreet Boys Perform Live

Can’t wait for LOST Weekend
Meeting lots of new friends

Hopin’ it never ends.
Can’t wait for LOST Weekend 

Making super fun plans

Hanging out with LOST fans.

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So I've never really been a big football fan. It's a bit odd because my family is very into sports, especially my mom. She got me into baseball. I found NASCAR by myself. I love the olympics. I watched quite a bit of basketball. When I was younger I played volleyball, basketball, softball, etc. Somehow football has always escaped my interest. After tonight, I may love football. I'll have to pick a team - definately NOT the Broncos (no offense to my mom, but I've learned to hate them). I guess I'll have to put some thought into that.

ION, my hair is awesome! Lots of people don't even recognize me anymore. I feel like a different person. And whoever said that guys like blondes was never a redhead. Seriously. More guys have talked to me in the last forty hours than in the two weeks before. I've also earned a new nickname. My dad calls me Red now. I think he's not quite sure what to think of my new look.

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I know all ya'll are waiting for some pics, so here they are!


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So, what do you think??

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This poll is closed.

Who's gonna win the Superbowl on Sunday?

The Steelers
The Cardinals
Huh? Is that the big bowl in the kitchen that I use for popcorn?
Team Edward
Team Jacob


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Tomorrow is the big day! I've narrowed it down to two choices. I'm leaning toward red because that is what was winning the last poll. So, vote away! Again! Also, some said that they were having trouble voting, so if that happens again just post your vote in the comments.

What color should I dye my hair tomorrow?

Lighter b l o n d e

ETA: WHAT? This computer edits b l o n d e too? AAARG!

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Yes, all of my entries have disappeared. No, I am not deleting LJ.

It's just that when I wrote a lot of these posts, my family wasn't really online looking at things so I didn't really bother to lock the posts. Since I write a lot when I'm angry or annoyed, I thought it better to make all past posts private and then go back and fix the ones that I don't mind everyone seeing. Or maybe I'll just keep them private. It's not like people go back and read posts I've previously made, right?

Anyway, just giving all ya'll a heads up!

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